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International equality

same-sex dance competition and

Pink Dance Night

 in Vienna, Austria

22nd October 2022

The Vienna Dance Contest 2021 has been postponed to 22nd October 2022. In the middle of the 3rd Corona wave in Europe, the 4th lockdown in Eastern Austria and in times of different international vaccination speeds, we, the organising team, have decided on 6th April 2021, not to organise a dance tournament in 2021. It is too difficult to assess whether in autumn 2021 we'll be able to offer sufficient Covid safety on the day of the tournament. And this event has to be financed and organised six months in advance, which is unfortunately not possible at the moment. We are already working on the 2022 tournament. Stay healthy and active!

(C) olaf-ist-net

 Pink Dance Night

(C) Regina Courtier

Honorary protectorat: Ulrike Lunacek, former Vicepresident of the European Parlament and Ambassador for Europride Vienna 2019.

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