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The language regarding genders in our texts is in review.

The Vienna Dance Contest is an Equality same-sex dance sport competition.

That means that same-gender couples are dancing.

A female dancer dances with a female and a male dancer dances with a male.

Self-identified female, male and non-binary * dancers are welcome.

Equality dancing however means more:
it makes lesbian, gay and bisexual lifestyles
visible and shows same-sex dancestyles.
It creates competitions full of great atmosphere
and solidarity. 

The Latin and Ballroom choreographies suspend the classic role allocation of man-women competition dancing and dancers and coaches experiment with different ways of relating to the partner. Traditional elements are newly arranged and a multitude of new steps and figures is created. Additionally a special element is allowed and even admired – changing the role of leader and follower – role change. Furthermore, the dancers are invited to assign themselves according to their self-defined gender, female, male or non-binary.

At the Vienna Dance Contest the  ESSDA's Same-Sex Dancesport Competition Rules - SSDCR are being applied.

For the winners of all categories a special trophy has been created and is handcrafted especially for us – a unique version of the famous Viennese snow dome: the Vienna Dance Contest Snow Globe with gold, silver and bronze snow!

Three categories will be carried out:

1.   Standard (female couples and male couples separately)
2.   Latin (female couples and male couples separately)
3.   Viennese Waltz Contest (VWC) (female couples and male couples together)

You will have the possibility to show your mastery of the Viennese Waltz in two separate categories. This will also give those dancers a chance who have not practiced much! We invite you to join in to demonstrate and celebrate the wide spectrum of women and men dancers!

Fun Contests

The motto is "Mix and have fun!" So mix and mingle a little and dance with someone else for a change: visitors with competitors, mix partners etc.

  1. Six Leg Jive (one dancer leads, two are following)

  2. Tango Argentino Fun

  3. Partner Change Boogie/Jive (Come with a dance partner  - one capable of leading, one of following - , we mix you and you dance with someone else, only the role stays the same)

  4. Cha Cha Fun (no A class dancers)

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Non-binary dancers:


Non-binary competitors may choose to enter either the Men’s/male or the Women’s/female categories, but the chosen dance-category gender must remain consistent throughout the competition. 

We recognise that the chosen dance-category gender of non-binary competitors does not necessarily reflect their gender identity, but rather reflects the competition in which they prefer to take part.


If a non-binary competitor partners up with a self-identified male or female dancer they have to take part in the relevant gender category of this partner.

non binary

Information >> about the dance competiton

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