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Let's swing again ...Welcome to the queer Viennese dance festival!

Vienna is always worth a journey! Enjoy the flair of Viennese cafes, opera, music and the LGBT scene, feel the history. Spend with us a great weekend together in Vienna, make new friends and dance at the Vienna Dance Contest.

Or come and watch! Photos! Celebrate an unforgetable day with us, with the best same sex dance couples of the world and with many more enthusiastic international dance couples, who through their dancing express many aspects like visibility, joy, creativity and the will to perform and compete. Come and cheer all these fabulous couples, swing the pom poms, make new friends, dance some Line Dances, dance in the starter classes, the fun contests and the Viennese Waltz Contest!

The lesbian and gay dance community of Austria and their supporters are proud to invite you to the

Vienna Dance Contest
International Equality Dance Competition,
on 26th Sept 2015 in Vienna

and in the evening to the

Pink Dance Night.

After the competition, dancers and visitors from Austria and abroad will merge on the huge dance floor, queer or however, to dance on fiery shoe soles to exhilarating and rousing melodies selected by our Djanes. International queer shows are on the program. Pink accessories and outfits are welcome. All visitors make sure you have your ticket!

In addition there is an extensive social program around the competition.

Also this year we want to offer our international and local guests a festive and successful dance happening with Viennese charm and to foster enthusiasm for dancing in the Vienna community.

In the spirit of solidarity and joy of life!